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Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Aurora offers these comments as a rough guideline as you address your parking facilities. You should confirm the details of your specific situation with your architect or engineer. More information is available at

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that if you provide goods and services to the public (a place of public accommodation), you are required to remove barriers to access when readily achievable. Readily achievable in government-speak means 'easily accomplishable' and 'able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense'.

If your building is only a place of employment and not open to the public (such as a warehouse, office or manufacturing facility), the building would be considered a commercial facility. You are not required to remove barriers unless you alter, renovate or expand the facility.

Strictly private residential apartments are not covered, although the Leasing Office and any model apartments would have to provide ADA access.

After March 2012, building modifications must be in compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards.

In terms of accessibility, priorities are as follows: 1) Access to the business, 2) access to goods and services, 3) access to restrooms and 4) access to amenities such as water fountains. Your parking lot provides access to your business and so should be one of the first areas to be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Compliance.

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